Tips to Build an Effective Resume

“You may not always be the most talented one in the room, but you can be the most competitive and the smartest one”.

In this world of cut-throat competition among graduates and post-graduates for various positions in the industry, a good resume can be the game-changer. It decides if you will have an opportunity to showcase your talent and proficiency, or you will one among the 100 other discarded candidates. Your resume is most often the first impression your future employer will have about you; hence it is imperative to make it count. It also showcases your credentials, skillsets, domain and functional expertise and other skills. Most companies gauge the suitability of the candidate through this initial screening. Through this article, we are sharing our advice on how to build an impressive and stunning resume.

Tip # 1: Create a quick and immediate impression - A neat & organised CV

Recruiters handle hundreds of CV’s every day. Now if you cannot create a good impression at first glance, the entire content you have inside the resume would not matter. That’s precisely why formatting is essential. Your keywords should be easy to spot and well fragmented. It should also be visually appealing with precise and clear spacing and alignment. A cluttered CV may also convey the idea that you are not capable of putting forward your ideas/messages in an effective way, which is critical for any job and you may get rejected straightaway.

Tip # 2: Follow the order; Most recent/relevant first

Put your employment details, starting with the most recent employer. It will also help if you put the most relevant experience that you have concerning the position that you are applying. You can talk about the situations that you had to handle, the task you planned or accomplished, actions that were taken to accomplish the task, and the results of the effort; this approach is known as the STAR framework/approach.

Tip # 3: Define the outcomes and impacts that you have made, quantify wherever possible.

Include numbers and figures wherever possible. A quantified point gives you a straight line of comparison about your action. For example, “Increased the sales by 15% in the first year” or Involved in process improvement and end to end automation achieving 80% time saving” shows the outcomes and impact you’ve brought about in your work much clearly. Include the positive impact created and summarize the outcomes.

Tip # 4: Be precise and concise; do not tell a story

The points that you mention in the CV should be crisp and concise. Story-telling is for the Interview, get in depths and elaborate what you have done when asked about it.

Always follow the KISS principle when it comes to a CV point; Keep it short and simple. Also, keep it tight and bright by focusing on keywords that are relevant for the job role to which you are applying.

Tip # 5: Show what you do outside work

Recruiter is not just looking to understand the professional side of you; they will be interested to know what do you do outside work. Try to mention points of extracurricular or communities or clubs you are a part of. Most of the time, these points showcase your interest to take the initiatives, and what do you love doing. If you say that you are an initiator and takes up responsibilities, back it up by writing about things that you have accomplished outside work as well.

Tip # 6: Be accurate and honest, DO NOT FAKE

Make sure that your resume does not have grammatical errors or incomplete sentences. It shows that you are a poor communicator and hence may not be considered for further processes. So it is better to run your CV through Grammarly and ask someone else to proof-read it before you submit it.

Most importantly, do not fake. Adding a false point might take you through to the next rounds. But interviewers are usually highly skilled and experienced and can detect abnormal explanations and lies very quickly. If they catch you faking an interview, it leaves a very negative impression. And remember, we are all living in a small world with highly connected networks. It will most probably hamper your chances at many places.

Cracking an interview is not rocket science. Just have a well-built CV, adequate points to talk about, create an exciting story, stay confident, communicate well and be calm. You might also be interested in reading our article on Interview Preparation which can be accessed using the link given below.

We wish you all the very best for your future endeavors.

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