How to stay ahead from the crowd in the post-Pandemic Era?

While we pen down this article, IMF Head Kristalina Georgieva has said that the global economy has faced a sudden stop and it is clearly in the phase of recession. Experts have predicted this statement that it is going to be even worse than the 2008 financial crisis. The consumption in India in specific categories have indeed fallen drastically over the years. But particular sectors such as Travel, Hospitality, Airlines have been impacted more since they were already under immense pressure. It is highly important and necessary to recollect Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs wherein the end consumers are focussing more on the psychological and safety needs. It is essential to recognise that corporates are also going through a tough time as they are also going through various change mandates issued by regulatory bodies. Thus, this is not the time to panic but rather to be well aware and ambidextrous, which will help you to move well above the corporate ladder.

Through this article, we are trying to convey what you as a student or a professional should do adopt to stay ahead of the crowd in the post the Corona Virus crisis is over.

1. Acquire More Skills

It’s never too late to be who you might have been” said George Elliot. This is the time to recognise the same and to stay focussed. Gaining more skills will make you competitive. Often people who wear Multiple hats or holding multiple responsibilities tend to be on safer shoes. Try to learn the new tools, new approaches and the new ways for the career to develop. This shall enable your CV/Career to be Recession proof. No matter whichever domain you are in or you intend to get in; Analytics is the major change-maker that is sought for any particular profile. Enhancing the competency in Analytics by doing specific courses online shall enable you to be distinct. Analytics is one of the transferable skills that enable you to have a career shift from one industry to another as well.

Besides the technical skills, it is essential to prove your soft skills such as Communication and Time Management on a real-time basis by executing/monitoring a task in your college/office. If you are a management graduate, do learn project management tools such as MS Project which be useful once you join corporate.

2. Update your Resume

One of the major mistakes that most people do is not updating your resume after setting in a job. It is essential to keep track of all the tasks that have been assigned to you regularly. If you have been doing that regularly, it may not take much time to update your resume but if not, this is the time to do it. Update your resume to include all possible tasks that you have been assigned or accomplished in the current or prior work experience. Make sure you include relevant skills and keywords which highlights the same.

3. Branding

Screening a candidate's profile does not just happen through his resume. It also occurs through his social identity, most importantly, LinkedIn and sometimes, even Facebook. Make sure you have created a very strong brand for yourself. Showcase your skills and achievements by staying updated on such professional platforms. As per the recruiting yield pyramid, out of 6 leads, only one applicant gets invited for the interview. Improve your network, post relevant content, engage yourself actively, and that's how you get visibility. Sell yourself; you are a product. Therefore, brand yourself well.

4. Stay Updated & Be Relevant

Make sure to stay updated about what is happening in the industry you wish to join in or the industry you are currently in. Follow news bulletins to know about the changes and the regulations that are on the way. Also, analyse how it is going to impact your industry and what are your competitors doing to leverage/stop them. To grow up in the career ladder, it is essential to be updated on the changes. Be in touch with your past colleagues, you will get an opportunity to uncover the opportunities lying in front of you.

5. Have a Mentor

If possible, try to choose a mentor at the earliest who can be influential coach, supporter and a guide who can take you in the right path. Also, while choosing, care to be given to pick a comfortable person with whom, ideas flow in both ways. Also approach the person who you aspire to be like in the future. Mention clearly in the initial phase itself that what you are looking for in him/her. Also, remember that while a mentor can offer you invaluable advice and perspectives, they are not there to make your choices for you.

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