Interview Preparation Tips in Campus Placement

Campus placement is a stepping stone for every MBA student towards his dream career. At the same time, placement interviews compel most of the students to realize that there are no second chances, no retake in real-life. "Fail to prepare, then prepare to fail," is a well-known phrase and is very much apt for interviews. Life becomes stressful for the aspirant if he does not know how to crack interviews. However, instead of taking stress, if you channelize your anxiety into preparing for the interview by following these simple interview tips, it can be an enthralling experience:

Assess Yourself: Before jumping into any other activity, it is always recommended to do some introspection. Know yourself better through your own SWOT analysis. This will help you in developing more aligned goals and identifying areas of improvement.

Upgrade Yourself: Keep on upgrading yourself to your better version. Apart from consistently performing in academics, you must also try to get knowledge through certifications to master one domain. You can choose to improve your skill sets by getting practical exposure through internships, live projects, or freelance work. Actively contribute to campus activities to showcase soft skills and leadership skills.

Update Yourself: Do update yourself with the companies visiting campus at the earliest. Know in detail about their shortlisting criteria and selection process. Discuss with the alumni's working at your dream companies to ensure no stone remains unturned when it comes to preparation.

Brand Yourself: The first step in getting a dream job is to brand yourself most suitably through CV and online profiles. Finalize your CV through an iterative process over a period until you achieve excellence. Consult veterans to get feedback and modify accordingly. Customize based on your career goals. Build a LinkedIn profile in sync with your goals and personality.

Sharpen Yourself: Find out the types of questions being asked and prepare accordingly. Write down the answers to all general questions related to HR and your CV well in advance and customize it based on the company during the interview. Update yourself with current affairs and relevant information. Give mock interviews to industry experts and then practice it further with colleagues.

Express Yourself: Finally, at the time of the interview be confident as you have already prepared well. Reach the interview venue at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time and socialize to ease the stress. Dress in proper business formals and carry a pen and diary along with your CV. Enter with a smile and greeting. Keep in mind that the best way to answer well is to listen well. Avoid lying. Instead, politely say that you need to brush up the topic. If given a chance, ask questions. And remember to end the interview with a smile.

In a nutshell, an interview is not the time to hide one's light under a bushel! It's a selling exercise that starts from the moment one submits the application form or CV.

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