Got yourself a Summer Internship? Now here is what you should do next!

An MBA summer internship is an eight weeklong job interview. Apart from helping you gain on-the-job experience, developing skillsets & boosting your qualifications, summer internships provide you with an ideal platform to land on a full-time job in your dream company. Hence, in this article, we have curated a few useful tips that we can be followed by the interns to make the most of this golden opportunity on hand.

1. Know the company inside out

Utilize the time on hand before you start your internship to understand the goals of the organization & the team are going to be a part of. Derive a clear picture of the job role offered to you & the deliverables expected. Unless you know what that work really is, it's hard to ask genuine questions and be engaged.

2. Prepare a Schedule

Make a detailed schedule with action plans and a timeline. Present it to your manager & seek for his feedback. Your internship may not proceed precisely how you planned, but this gives a direction & also creates a good 1st impression of you in the eyes of your manager.

3. Take initiative

There is no one in the office to whom this internship matters the most than you. Collect all the necessary information & past data pertaining to your project. Do not wait for the information to reach you.

4. Build Relationships

Working with peers is rated as the most important skill an MBA hire should have. Develop connections with those not only your direct team but also outside the department. When it comes to establishing a relationship, even a simple 'hi' & properly introducing yourself to colleagues and clients really makes a difference. Their opinion & feedback counts when the company decides on your final offer.

5. Schedule a Mid-term performance evaluation

Present your reporting manager with progress till date with reference to your schedule, the hurdles you faced, and the initiatives you took. Also, discuss your plans moving forward for the project & seek for his feedback. Be sure to keep your supervisor abreast of your work and accomplishments and make sure you are meeting expectations by checking-in frequently.

6. Maintain a positive attitude

Establishing a willingness to get the work done at all costs while maintaining a positive attitude gives the employer confidence that you will become a valuable member of the team if hired as an employee.

7. Don't just suggest, Implement!

Finalize your suggestions on how to go on the floor with the project at least 2 weeks before your internship ends. Arrange for the necessary resources & utilize the final phase of your period to run a small pilot model of your project. Rather than just suggesting your solutions, presenting the results of your pilot model will portray a better picture & hence your opportunity to convert the internship into a PPO.

8. Build a story

Even after giving your bests shot, sometimes, your internship may not go the way you expected it to be. Utilize the opportunity you have on hand to build a story that will help you sell yourself when you sit for an interview in the final placement drive. Request the network you had built here to provide you with recommendations on social media platforms like LinkedIn.

9. Highlight your Experience

A powerful resume is the first step to get interviewed for your dream job. Hence, it's imperative to present your skills & experience in a professional yet simple manner. Looking for some help with that? Having been MBA students ourselves in the past, we fully understand the pressure you are going through currently due to the Corona Pandemic. Get your free resume building session booked today with 4titude Consulting. We'll help you create the best first impression in front of your recruiter.

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